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They Kill Saint Petersburg

The several historical buildings on Nevsky avenue were totally destroyed.
One of them,  for example – near Vosstaniya Square – the big commercial center now. And you, dear readers, can see only walls (not authentic – renovated) of the former Peter the Great Era’s beautiful building.

The another killing of the Great and Unique Russian Empire Heritage you can see on this video:

Help to stop the barbarians!

Otherwise you will be nothing to see in Saint Petersburg except Hermitage…

P.S. Hermitage looks clean and fresh just from the 2 outside walls. The internal buildings hidden from the tourists are very dramatic…they look like during the Leningrad siege…but it is another story…



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“MosGorTrans” Will Be Privatized

Russian authorities state that Moscow-based state enterprise “Mosgortrans” is not profitable and they are going to privatize it in the nearest future.

“Mosgortrans” is a leader in his sector – it’s monthly turnover is about 1 billion transferred people.

May be some people from the authorities want to establish their own pocket companies, divide “Mosgortrans”, transfer assets paying symbolic sums, earn some cash and transfer it to the off-shores?
But what about employees of  “Mosgortrans”? Most of them will be fired…and only God knows how they will live…



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“MMM”-the Rebirth of the Russian Thieves’ Pyramid (facts and videos)

Sergei Mavrodi, the founder and owner of the scandalous “MMM” company, which robbed millions people in early 90’s, after he was released from a jail, declared the creation of a new pyramid – “MMM-2011”.

Our advice: do not believe him and do not participate in this fraudulent game.
Remember his face:

And these are his fraudulent tricks from the beginning of 90’s:

He did this:

And he is not going to pay money to his creditors:

Do not be an easy fish! Consult with us to save your money in Russia!
Knowledge is a Power!
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Alcohol Kicked Out the Russian Team Away

According to the Quebec information agency, Russian hockey team was removed from the plane because the people were drunk and aggressive.
Russian hockey team won the World Cup, started celebrating, but it looks like forgot to stop…
The soberness matters, my friends!

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Russian Winter Outage of Electricity was Predicted

The rapid and incredible outage of electricity in Russia this winter was predicted.
We think economic loses will be decreased if Russia starts fighting with corruption more effectively.

Do you know that Lenin said: “Communism is the Soviet Authorities plus electrification of the whole country”?

Now it looks like that it will be difficult for Russian communists to start building communism again 🙂

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American Businessmen: What was Gazprom Created For?

American businessmen after the negotiations with the Gazprom authority Alexandr Medvedev were very surprised by the topic of the discussion. Unexpectedly Medvedev spoke not about business questions, but about NHL and Russian Continental Hockey League. Seeing THIS the businessmen asked him what were the purposes of the Gazprom company.
The answer was shocking: Gazprom was created to support a social sector and Russian external policy.

Looking to the future we may say: the European dependence of the Russian gas will decrease.
Even is we remove the inflationary factor the price will decrease too.
The Russian economy especially in it’s real sector is decreasing too.
So in the nearest future Gazprom will collide with the big difficulties performing it’s  “duties”.

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WikiLeaks: Russia is a Mafia State

WikiLeaks assumes Russia is not only a totally corrupted country, but it is also ruled by the mafia clans.

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