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The Key To Siberia

According to the freshly signed agreements between China and Russia, China will get the access to the Russian Far East minerals and resources.
We think that in the nearest 10 years China may become the most powerful country in the world, due to the following features:
– it successfully suppresses corruption
– it has powerful and growing economy
– it has continuously growing up human life level
To Russia, it will not receive the significant profit of this agreement.
More of it, Russia does not have the system to transport this gas and to complete this agreement.
Thus, the final beneficiary of the agreements is China, which receives in fact the key to Siberia.


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St Petersburg Economic Forun

St Petersburg economic forum has started.
In our opinion it is just waste of time and money for the botht sides.

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Yandex Money Goodbye?

Putinists decided to limit anonymous online money transactions.
They issued a law according to which, since May, 15 2014,
at least one person of the transaction must be identified.
This law will seriously limit the work of freelancers
and other brave and Democratic People.
So if you have your money in the Russian online payment system,
for example in Yandex money, and you don’t want to share
your personal information with Kremlin,
withdraw and save your money.
Read our blog to know all hidden tricks of
Russian economy and provide effective business.

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Will This Season Be Fruitful In Crimea?

Will this season be fruitful in Crimea and should we invest money there?
Definitely not. And here is why.
1. Nobody in the “rich world”, from which money flows, reconize Crimea as a part of Russia. They don’t want to deal with this kind of territory because of the sanctions and traditional Russian corruption risks.
2. International cruise companies canceled their routes to Crimea. So, no tourists – no money.
3. Bad infrastructure of Crimea, and bad connection with Russia. So, no satisfied tourists – no money.
4. Islamic Crimean tatar factor and their attitude and intensions.
To become a profitable place Crimea must have at least:
– The clean and transparent legal status recognized by the whole world.
– Good communications and transportation. High class service and accommodation.
– Safety (including islamic tatar factor).
– Free Euro and US dollars zone.
This is the minimum.
When this is done, nobody will loose his money.

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Kadyrov after Putin

We think that when Putin ends, Ramzan Kadyrov will be the president of Russia.

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Russian Citizenship – in Just 3 Months

Russia government issued a law, according to which, a person, who’s relatives lived on the territory of RF, USSR or Russian Empire may receive Russian citizenship in the high-speed way – in 3 months.
We think that this not clever policy of “opening doors to everybody” will ruin Russian economy.
Follow our blog as we observe Russian economy and protect your money.

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